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Whether you are selling or purchasing a new home, or simply wanting to make sure that your property is safe and well maintained, a crawl space inspection is a great idea. Most homeowners rarely, if ever, enter the crawl space under their home.  If not properly maintained, this often-overlooked area of a home can have devastating impacts to the health of your family and the architectural integrity and resale value of your property.

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PRS Construction Free Crawl Space Inspection
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How a Poorly Maintained Crawl Space Impact a Home

Problems originating in your crawl space can lead to serious problems throughout your home.
Water or excess moisture in your crawl space cause mold, mildew and rot. These issues can quickly spread to other areas of your home. Excess moisture in your crawl space can cause issues with insulation, supports and compromise subflooring. 

Additionally, wet wood is extremely attractive to bugs and termites as it is easier for them to burrow into or through it. Because the crawl space is at the bottom of your home, it’ easier for bugs and other pests to find their way in. Pests and vermin in your crawlspace have easy access to your home and once inside, have a comfortable place to build nests and reproduce. These pests can cause damage to electrical wiring, plumbing, and insulation.

Landscape Drainage Systems

If you have puddles of standing water or soggy areas in your yard 48 hours after it rains, you have a drainage issue that should be addressed.


Poor yard drainage is not just an aesthetic issue. If your yard turns into a swamp land when it rains, it makes it harder for you to enjoy it. Standing water can also lead to a number of problems.

PRS Construction offers landscape drainage systems to keep your yard dry to avoid standing water and soggy lawn
Yellow spots in grash due to poor drainage PRS Construction

Poor drainage can also impact the health of your lawn and landscape plantings. In spring through early fall, standing water can actually become a health hazard, as it gives rise to mosquitoes and other yard pests.


If you’re a parent of children or have pets, a soggy backyard means constant tracking of mud into your home , damaging rugs, carpets and flooring.


Additionally, poor drainage can compromise your home’s foundation and lead to moisture and mold problems in basements and crawlspaces. 

The vast majority of drainage issues are caused by inadequate slope or pitch in your yard. Even if your property is properly graded, neighboring properties can redirect water to your home. Poor grading will prevent water runoff from being diverted away from your house and off your property. Berms are common in the Charlotte area and are notorious for pooling water between the berm and yard. 

Soil type and condition can contribute to poor runoff and excess moisture retention. Soils high in clay are less porous and tend to hold water more than other soil types. During a home's construction process, soil can be compacted by heavy equipment, causing additional drainage issues.


Another driver of poor drainage is your roof's gutter system. Poorly designed or inadequately sized gutters and downspouts can prevent water from being routed away from your home and off of your property.

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