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Mold Services

The leading causes of mold infestation are water damage or excessive indoor moisture. As moisture builds up, there’s a greater chance of mold growth. Mold growth in a business or home can greatly impact indoor air quality, presenting significant health risks to individuals living or working there. 

Individuals who have allergies or compromised immune systems (such as the elderly) can experience major health issues because of mold infestation. If not treated properly, mold infestation can continue to persist and expand within a property, further increasing likelihood of health issues and more extensive property damage.

Mold commonly hides inside walls, crawlspaces and ducting areas relying on moisture to grow. Occasionally you’ll see it on walls or ceilings, but often grows undetected.


While not all mold is hazardous, it’s important to know what type of mold is present by having our team inspect the infested area. Often times, samples need to be collected and submitted to a laboratory for testing.

Once we know what type of mold we’re dealing with, how extensive the infestation and the source of the water damage/excess moisture, we can provide a comprehensive plan to you to ensure the mold is eliminated and help prevent future infestation.

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Mold Remediations and Clean Up
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