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Water & Flood Damage

Property damage due to water leaks and flooding can be significant, especially if it’s not handled quickly. RESPONSE TIME MATTERS!

As a full-service General Contractor, we can oversee every aspect of the remediation effort, offering a better VALUE and QUALITY of work


We work directly with your insurance company and do everything we can to REDUCE your out of pocket costs.

Flood and water removal, damage repair, restoration and remediation  - PRS Construction - Charlotte, NC

Water damage can come from a number of sources:
•    Leaking appliances (e.g. water heater)
•    Burst or leaking pipe or drainage lines
•    Overflowing tubs, sinks or toilets
•    Thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes or flooding
•    Sewage backups
•    Firefighting efforts

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Types of Water

In order for us to properly restore your property to industry specifications, our Technicians must first identify the category and classification of water causing the flooding/damage. The restoration process will be specific to the type of water contamination.

• White / Category 1 Water - is water that is typically "clean" and comes from a outside a non-polluted source like a water line running into a water heater or sink faucet.


• Gray / Category 2 Water - water that comes from laundry, bathing or dishwashing.  Compared to black water, it doesn’t have bacteria that are as harmful and dangerous. 


• Black / Category 3 Water - water contaminated by feces and other bodily wastes. This is water that is flushed down your toilets and contains bacteria that can be harmful to people. That is why it's treatment is typically more intense than White or Gray water.

PRS Construction Water Types

Water Damage Emergency Tips

We're available 24/7 and will get our team of Flood Technicians to your property as quickly as possible.


In the meantime, here are some things* you can do to help mitigate any additional damage to your property or contents:

Flood and water damage removal and restoration  - PRS Construction - Charlotte, NC
Flood and water removal, damage repair and restoration  - PRS Construction - Charlotte, NC

*With any flooding or water damage, MAKE SURE YOU'RE SAFE:

  • Are there any electrical hazards?

  • Any potential for slips or falls?

  • Water logged materials can be heavy, can they be safely lifted?

  • Is there any risk based on type of water?

  • Only do what you think is safe for you and other inhabitants

  • If in doubt, wait for us to arrive!

What to do next:

  • Try to eliminate the source of leak or flooding (e.g. turn off water valve or main water line)

  • If you’re unable to turn off the source of water, try using towels or drop cloths to form a barrier or redirect water to safer area

  • Remove excess water by mopping, blotting or using a wet vac

  • Move valuable art and belongings to a safe / dry area

  • Move furniture out of / away from water source or standing water

  • If you’re unable to move the furniture, try to prop up on blocks with a layer of aluminum foil between furniture and blocks

  • Remove and prop up or hang wet upholstery, cushions or pillows

  • Turn on air conditioning / HVAC fan to circulate air and speed drying process

  • If safe to do so, utilize portable fans to help aid drying process

  • Remove and hang up rugs / floor coverings

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