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Full Service Restoration

Steps Involved in Water Damage Removal and Restoration

Full Service Contractor - One Call Gets It Done!

Not all flood and water damage companies are the same. Most only take care of addressing the immediate issue of unwanted water. This means you'll need to coordinate removal of damaged materials, repair or replacement of impacted areas, and action to prevent future issues with mold or rot. Imagine the complexity, chaos and scheduling challenges working across multiple companies or contractors!

As an experienced and licensed General Contractor, PRS Construction can oversee the entire process of getting your home or business back to where it was prior to flooding and water damage.

As part of our process, we'll assign you a single point of contact to help navigate through each step of the process, from initial elimination and removal of water, coordination with your insurance provider, through cosmetic touch-ups of affected areas.

Flood and water removal and repair with PRS Construction - Charlotte, NC
Full service restoration after water removal and water damage repair PRS Construction Charlotte, NC

Steps Involved in Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damages are devastating. Let PRS Restorations help.
• Assessment and Safety Measures
• Securing the Property
• Water Extraction and Drying
• Smoke and Soot Removal
• Structural Repairs and Reconstruction
• Content Cleaning and Restoration

• Final Inspections and Certification

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Fire Damage Restoration
Fire Damage Cleanup
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